Atlanta’s AJC just gave Taco Pete some well-deserved recognition in their Food section with an article by Wendell Brock titled:

Review: East Point taco joint is a tiny space with big Mexican flavor

Atlanta restaurant hardshell tacos

Taco Pete East Point GA

Here are a few highlights from the article about our “East Point taco joint”:

Wrapped in paper and stuffed into a bag, it’s a delicious, nostalgia-dripping $1.75 hard-shell taco, indeed. It is meant to be devoured on the spot, perhaps at one of the picnic tables beside this Southside walk-up. Or ordered by the half-dozen, zipped home and scarfed down with a cold beer, possibly in the company of friends you just retrieved from the airport.”

Yes, we agree – our hard-shell tacos are the bomb! And yes, grab your friends from the nearby airport and treat them right away to some Atlanta hospitality by bringing them straight to Taco Pete!

Taco Pete’s soft-shell tacos, quesadillas and hot dogs are delicious, too, especially when compared to the slap-dash fast-food options that are the norm.

Why’s that? I think it’s the cooking technique that makes the difference.”

Taco Pete’s owner, Reo, grew up in the business and learned it from his Father originally out in Los Angeles – that’s why it tastes like and IS the REAL deal. Just don’t ask Reo to give up his cooking technique secrets – just come taste them instead.

Just read the AJC article, but here’s fair warning – the pictures, the descriptions, and the praise are going to make you want more Taco Pete – so take a look at our menu and come on down to our East Point taco joint!