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Zagat.com listed Taco Pete among “The 10 Best Tacos in Atlanta

And Thrillist.com listed Taco Pete in “Atlanta’s 8 best under-the-radar burgers
So as you can see, we are doing great in more than one category – come to Taco Pete and try a little bit of everything – our menu categories are below and a Google Map, too.

About Taco Pete: Taco Pete started in Los Angeles, CA in 1966 on the corner of Central Ave and 41st Street by

Taco Pete Mexican restaurant near ATL airport

Taco Pete Mexican restaurant near ATL airport

Reo, Sr. Reo decided to name the business ‘Taco Pete’ instead of Taco Reo, because all of his closest friends called him “PETE.” The name stuck and he did well with Taco Pete #1. He then ventured out and started Taco Pete #2 on Florence Ave. in Los Angeles. Business continued to grow and the demand for Taco Pete expanded, so Reo started Taco Pete #3 with the assistance of his son, Reo Jr. on the corner Central Ave and 120th Street. Taco Pete became a household name in the LA area and the vision expanded with Reo Jr opening “Taco Pete Jr” on Century Blvd in LA. Reo Sr ventured out in the Inglewood area of the greater LA area and opened Taco Pete #4 on Manchester Ave. These business all thrived and produced the best Tacos, Burritos, Fries, burgers and Pastrami in the area. Reo Sr. retired from the business and moved to Atlanta selling all locations in Los Angeles. His son, followed and also relocated to Atlanta. The demand for more of Taco Pete followed and Reo Jr opened Taco Pete LA’s original in East Point, Ga in 2006. Now watch us grow!
Taco Pete Hours:
10:30am-7:00pm Monday-Friday
11:00am-7:00pm Saturday

Taco Pete Tacos
Taco Pete Burritos
Pete Burgers, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs
Nachos, Quesadillas, Salads
Taco Pete Sides, Drinks, Extras

 Taco Pete Mexican Restaurant East Point Georgia

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